Is The Treadmill The Best Way To Lose Weight?


Prepare yourself for some shocking facts on obesity in the United States: More than a third (35.7 percent) of adults in the country are considered to be obese. One in twenty (6.3 per cent) are considered ‘extremely obese’, while 74 percent are considered overweight, or obese.

Obesity is basically an epidemic now, one which does not spare men, women, or children. It is a huge problem because it can cause a whole range of serious diseases, like diabetes, heart conditions or cancers, just to name a few.


Yes, being overweight can actually kill you. One of the underlying causes to this state is the fact that people don’t seem to know how to effectively lose weight. A lot place themselves on brutal diets which do them more harm than good, while others spend endless hours at the gym, with little to no results.

When it comes to working out, people believe that hitting the treadmill will make them lose weight.

They go on hours long jogs and sprints, they use stationary bikes, steppers and whatnot, they sweat extensively, suffer ankle strains, knee injuries and lower back pain, yet the fat simply doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

So, where’s the problem?

In the treadmill. Essentially, you shouldn’t be running that much, as it is not going to help you. You won’t lose weight through endless running. Here’s why:

A Slave To Habits

The human body is a slave to habits. After all, that’s what helped us evolve to where we are today. If you get your body used to prolonged exposures to stress and strain, all you’re doing is making it save energy for later. So instead of burning fat, your body will actually produce more, to prepare for your long hours of running.

What you need to do is keep it constantly surprised, and you do that by shorter bursts of high-intensity workouts. By constantly switching exercises, activating all muscles in your body and keeping your heart rate up, you will lose weight, gain strength and endurance, and grow muscle. One of the side-effects of increased muscle size is that you will be burning more fat, as muscles require more energy.

So instead of long runs, opt for short sprints, and create a workout routine around those sprints. They will keep your heart rate up and will have you losing fat up to 24 hours after the workout.

Before you know it, you’ll fit in all your old clothes. Check out this elegant maternity evening dress. With proper workout and a healthy diet, you too will be able to wear it with pride.

Our knowledge of our body and the way it works is changing. A lot of things we thought we knew about the way our organism works now turns out to be completely wrong. One of those things is how our body processes food, how we gain and lose fat.

Now we know better, and it’s time to put that knowledge to good use.

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