Top Interesting Facts One Should Know About Diamond


Celebrating the Diamond dates is a tradition back to many centuries, about three billion years ago. Are you April born? Then you will show some extra affection in wearing a Diamond ring. Yes, Diamond is also the stone of April born. We definitely need to pen down about David Birnbaum, the Diamond Dealer Super Gems selling finest quality diamonds and doing justice to these sparkling beauties.


Are You Ready To Get Amazed With Top Interesting Facts About Diamond?

  • Want to name the hardest natural substance that comes from earth? “Diamond”.
  • The nature’s gift Diamond was first discovered in Indian then in Brazil.
  • Can you guess how much percentage of Diamond goes to Industrial use? 10 or 20 percent, No, the answer is 80 percent. I am sure you would have guessed that this much high percentage goes for jewelery.
  • Mining is one of the toughest job and that too to mine a single one-carat diamond, 250 tons of earth is going to be out.
  • The top three diamonds mines in the world, starting from lowest Canada (10.9 million carats), Russia (17.8 million carats) and Botswana (24 million carats).
  • There was a law that got enforced in thirteen century in France that only kings can wear Diamonds as it it attained such a glory and royal treatment.
  • A very interesting belief of ancient Greeks is that the diamond fell from sky and is actually the splinters of stars.


  • The world’s largest diamond market is United States of America. Though it produces less than one percent of total global gemstone production, but this nation buys half of the world’s total gem quality diamonds.
  • A small sparkly will cost so much money just imagine how much would it cost for a largest Diamond. Firstly, do we ever have a largest piece of this fine gemstone? Yes, the largest diamond was found in Cullinan at 3106 carats and weighing around 1.33 pounds.
  • Indians believed that Diamonds promotes invincibility and strength also protects from danger, hence it was worn by kings also used in the eyes of devotional statues in ancient times.
  • Romans strongly believed that Diamonds can push the evil out so wore than as talismans. This belief got inherited from Indians.
  • Speaking of color, the diamonds are usually pale yellow or colorless. But it does have many other colors like orange, brown, green, blue red, pink and black.

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