Which type of shoes women should wear?


Women are just crazy about designer shoes. Women shoes come in variety of designs, sizes, styles and colors. Nowadays, shoes are worn mostly for style and not for necessity. This is the reason people prefer style rather than comfort. Women especially focus a lot on their style and fashion and bother less about their comfort. They just buy the footwear that suits their personality and their outfit. Mostly they buy footwear only for show off.


Different types of women’s footwear are now available in market. Some of them are given below-

  • Heels – As you already know heels give a lift to your feet. If you want designer shoes with heels, you should buy V 1969 women shoes. These shoes will provide you a stunning look. Heels look very stylish and nowadays they are trending all over the world. Most of the celebrities also wear heels to look stylish.
  • Sandals – Sandals are totally different from shoes. They allow air to pass through your feet so that they can breathe and there will not be any bad smell. Sandals are best for summer outfits. They make you feel cool. Sandals come in different sizes, designs and colors.
  • Flats – If you feel uncomfortable in heels, you should definitely wear flat shoes. Women flat shoes and sandals both are available in the market and online also. Flat shoes and sandals provide an elegant look. It is better to wear flat shoes in offices. Flat shoes are best to be worn during workout.
  • Boots – Boots always remain in fashion. They are available for both men and women. Boots look best with jeans and shirt. They add extra charm to your appearance. Boots are best to be worn in rainy season as they keep your feet covered from every side and do not allow the water to enter inside it.

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