Why Should You Opt For Saree – Latest Fashion Trend


Ethnic wear, especially, Indian sarees are something that look great on women of all age groups. The six to nine yard sarees draped around the abode of woman enhances their feminine side. Women of any ethnicity wearing a saree look unique and stunning.

Though, it is traditional clothing of India, there are many ways it can be worn to make that much desired style statement. No matter which western dress you wear, a saree will always make  you look traditional as well as sexy at the same time.


If the saree you wear is not bringing out femininity in you, discard that style and try something else. Ditch the sleeves, if you are young. Try sleeveless or halter necks.

Pointers to note when styling a saree

  • Know your body and skin type
  • Choose colors and Dress Fabric that are suitable to the body contour
  • Every saree can have a simple or an embellished blouse
  • The blouse designs are umpteen and in vogue
  • Learning to pair the right kind of blouse design for saree type needs designer intervention
  • They are available in varied print and embellished works
  • Printed sarees are good for a casual occasion
  • A typical traditional ceremony, calls for an embellished saree

Loud designs and the finer finish

Loud designs are suitable for older women only. Young girls must not make the fashion faux paus of wearing loud designs, motifs, or choosing sarees that have thicker fabrics. No matter what kind of saree you have, now you can latest designer blouses Most of the sarees still come with a blouse piece, but you can discard it and buy a designer piece online.

Sleeves and the blouse designs

Design elements such as necklines, sleeves designs, dart placements as well as the entire flow of the blouse pattern can make a simple saree look gorgeous. For instance, you can wear a embellished blouse design in zardoosi or kundan work on a solid color georgette saree.

This is a good combination that is neither too simple nor gaudy. Understand your taste and what suits you before making that instant change in styling saree.

Borders, tassels, and other accessories

Tassels, and appliqué patches are common themes found on the border of sarees. Given this, you can choose the thickness of border of the saree. Women, who are on the heavier side, can choose a thin border with finer motifs.

Petite women can wear borderless sarees or choose random cuts and shapes in borders of the saree. Tassels are tied to the saree palloo as well as the chordes from the back neckline of the blouse piece.

Jewelry and footwear

Wear embellished footwear with a saree. Do not even touch wedges or flip flops for a saree. Keep the bling on when you are wearing a saree. You can forget the leather straps and funky jewelry, as they do not go well with it.


Choose these elements and keep it to only one or two elements. If you are using way too many styling pieces clubbed into one, you might only end up looking like a mish mash. The main idea is to make these designs look feminine.

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